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It occurs to me, belatedly, that after 2/3 of a bottle of Australian Shiraz is probably not an ideal time to get more rows done on my Mystery Stole 3. dammit. OTOH, it does make both (a) shopping on Peapod and (b) cleaning out my closet much more entertaining.


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So yeah. Today was pretty sweet. Yesterday evening I was scanning Craigslist listings for garage sales, as I really want to get an old (huge) enamel canning pot for dyeing yarn. I didn’t find one of those, but I did find two garage sales advertising yarn. So I got up early today and left the […]

vacation thus far

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Road tripped to Marengo, Illinois to visit The Fold, a spinning shop far enough out it’s on the whole other side of suburbia, the scary side with agriculture and stuff. My, they have a lot of fiber. I got to ogle lots of fibers I will never spin — like buffalo fiber, only $32/oz! (For […]

as of about 1900 yesterday when I finally left the office… I AM ON VAAAAAAAAAAAA CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA TIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! I was talking to the cleaning lady when she came by our office yesterday, and I realized, I’ve never taken two full weeks off work before. which is pretty fucking stupid of me, actually, especially considering I used […]

Argh! I have no idea how you DPN fans can cope with these things. I about stabbed my eyes out like six times, and I’m only three rows into this blasted toe. I swear I will make it out of this sock alive, even if it kills me. p.s. Am now two balls of yarn […]