Argh! I have no idea how you DPN fans can cope with these things. I about stabbed my eyes out like six times, and I’m only three rows into this blasted toe.

I swear I will make it out of this sock alive, even if it kills me.

p.s. Am now two balls of yarn into my Clapotis. Fuzzy mohair yarn + ball winder on my computer desk = keyboard full of colorful fluff. But, the Clapotis looks good — though I may have to break my budget and run to Loopy tomorrow and buy a 5mm Addi circ, because the straights killed my right wrist (too much weight; I had to switch to a circ) but my Boye circ (with a fighty cable, even after the boiling water trick) is not much better. Ow ow ow.