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slow summer

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so what has your pal niqui been up to lately, other than ditching the blog (“old and broken”) in favor of twitter (“new and still broken”)? weeelll… i went to baltimore again! fortunately this time was not like last time. saw friends. ate junk food. had impromptu (but fortunately non-critical) auto service performed when the […]

oh my!

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so monday was a pretty typical monday: up in the morning, drop off the laundry (what would i do without the magic laundry fairies to save me hours of time and gobs of sanity?), drop off car at mobbed-up car wash/parking lot, work blah work, rescue nicely cleaned car, observe forecast calls for inches and […]


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so i wanted to try entrelac, and, coincidentally, wanted to knit a scarf to go with my new coat, out of some really lovely Valley Yarns yarn i bought this year at Stitches Midwest. i found this tutorial a few days ago while browsing ravelry for projects that people had knit out of yarn i […]

it had to be done. i needed a break from the *Baudelaires. i mean, i haven’t actually finished a pair of socks since, like, may. it is now november. something had to change! pretty easy pattern so far (she says, all of two and a half inches in). i think the next real challenge will […]

A gift from my SP!

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running about a week behind here — I got a wonderful package from my Secret Pal the other day! as modeled by my sun bear: first, a pattern for Montana Wheat Socks and a wonderful skein of hand-dyed sock yarn from another indie dyer, Mountain Colors. the yarn is Bearfoot in Winter Sky, a beautiful […]