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postcards from niqui.

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the apartment search continues apace. have not actually gone so far as to venture out to look at any apartments, but i am thinking very hard about doing so. (actually, the hold up is that if i go to a place i want to be able to write a check on the spot if i […]

star light, star bright

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i wish… …i could raise one eyebrow at a time. …i could take a nice long vacation. …house wasn’t pre-empted this week. …i could play bass guitar. …i had a miiiiiiiiiiiiiiilion dollars.

pop culture and niqui: i love the film back to the future so much that i’m not even too annoyed that i accidentally bought the fullscreen version, instead of widescreen, after spending a good minute in the store examining the packaging for that (and somehow missing the BIG ORANGE STICKER on the plastic which said […]

some things that are bugging me: people who write emails to tech support addresses without actually bothering to ask a question, apparently expecting us to psychically intuit what the hell they want. sub genre: people who forward messages to the junkmail administration address, and expect us to figure out if they’re asking “why did i […]

Time::Local my Franklin-Covey planner TiVo my Crock-Pot Quicken for Mac the elevator in my apartment building.