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the whiteboard of doom

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where i used to work, we had a whiteboard which eventually became covered with a numbered list on comments about making it through the day. (don’t stress too much about the numbering. we didn’t!) 1. thwart. 2. YAY! 3. Rah! 4. Whee. 5. Feh. 6. Grumble 7. Grumble 8. Grumble 9. Grumble 10. Grumble 11. […]

Cake, “Satan is my Motor” Supertramp, Breakfast in America Sugar, Copper Blue Nirvana, MTV’s Unplugged in New York The Who, “Baba O’Riley” Scissor Sisters, Scissor Sisters Eminem, The Eminem Show Barenaked Ladies, Maroon Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic Weezer, Make Believe The Police, Synchronicity Outkast, Speakerboxx The Kinks, “Lola” The Ramones, Anthology

random wednesday

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apparently there’s some sort of random wednesday thing going around. so here is a photo i took at random a few minutes ago while thinking “i really ought to clean this out at some point”: my car’s trunk is entirely too full of shit. at a glance, this photo shows you: A dead APC 1600 […]

i swear to you that, while listening to the radio on my way in to work, i heard “the moviefone guy” on 97.9FM refer to Ron Howard as “pwned” in regards to Cinderella Man. pwned! i am not prepared to have wacky irc-originated internet slang in fluent use by radio morning-show deejays. i’m just not. […]

music indulged in (thus far) to keep spirits up whilst cleaning, painting, and packing: !!!, louden up now bloc party, bloc party ep and silent alarm the bravery, the bravery broken social scene, broken social scene and feel good lost deee-lite, infinity within, sampladelic relics and world clique the go! team, thunder, lightning, strike kaiser […]