apparently there’s some sort of random wednesday thing going around. so here is a photo i took at random a few minutes ago while thinking “i really ought to clean this out at some point”:

my car's trunk is too full by default
my car’s trunk is entirely too full of shit. at a glance, this photo shows you:

  1. A dead APC 1600 VA UPS that I need to haul to the recycling place, if only I could remember where it was (somewhere on the north side!),
  2. My “shammy” (I cannot bear to spell it ‘chamois’ considering the pronounciation), which I last used when applying Rain-X to my windshield in the middle of a rainy roadtrip and which then dried into this wacky shape because I’d draped it over the UPS to dry,
  3. A Trader Joe’s shopping bag full of papers I need to destroy, and had in the trunk in anticipation of going to a bonfire at a friend’s house (which I didn’t make it out to because it was the day after the wisdom tooth extraction of doom),
  4. A bag full of clothes to donate to the Brown Elephant, containing the single ugliest authentic vintage dress anyone has ever seen in their life (which I bought for Halloween one year and could not, not, not bring myself to wear because it is so ugly — bright blue and silver argyle, if you can believe it),
  5. A copy of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, which I got for free when I took an Exchange class, and have had absolutely nothing to do with since then, so I was going to donate it to the Brown Elephant last time I went up there, but then I was unsure about the legality of them selling it and didn’t want them to get busted by the Microsoft police so I ended up not donating it, and so there it sits, in my trunk,
  6. A snow shovel,
  7. My emergency winter blanket, because with where I live and all it’s highly probable that I’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere in the dead of winter,
  8. A bottle of windshield wiper fluid, because I am addicted to a squeaky-clean windshield and go through it like nobody’s business,
  9. My ice skates,
  10. And a yellow heavy-duty extension cord, because you never know when you’ll need one.

i should really clean that out at some point.