okay, so. i drank the gmail kool-aid. i just set ziggurat.org as a hosted domain. we shall see if this frees me from the vast amount of spam that ziggurat.org receives on a daily basis, and makes it possible to use ‘viv’ again. i hope so. i always liked that address (which is why i registered the damn domain!).

also: this october will mark ten years of me polluting teh intarwebs with ziggurat.org. ziggurat.org has been hosted by four now-defunct (via acquisition) internet service providers (three of which were former employers), one site that i used because the hosting company was owned by a guy who wrote a software package i liked and rather than charging for it he suggested that if people liked the software they should use his web hosting service, one randomly-chosen web hosting provider, and one friend who let me mooch off his colo. here’s to ten more years of pollution!