not even listening to friends point out ways that it was wrong all day yesterday prepared me for exactly how bad this is. i think it’s pretty safe to say that the new Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Definitive 200 Albums of All Time — “A list of 200 ranked albums that should be in every music lover’s collection” — is possibly the worst compiled list of music in history.

seriously. i was with you for numbers 2 and 3 (c’mon, i like Sgt Pepper’s too but it’s not the best rock album of all time just because you like “A Little Help from My Friends”) and willing to extend grudging support through number 10 (though personally i don’t think Nevermind is nirvana’s best work, but whatevs), but … the soundtrack to Titanic is more important than David Bowie??? two Eminem albums more noteworthy than any PE? admit it, you guys just called a lunch meeting and threw names out and then some intern rearranged them to sound good.