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I can’t believe it, but the Chicago Triathlon is only 4 days away. I signed up the first day registration opened, last year – 1 October. And now the race is this Sunday, 28 August. I’d be nervous, except I’ve basically spent the past 8 months training up from zero, and I’ve spent this whole […]

So I got up at 4AM this morning to go up to Foster beach and do the T2 mock triathlon. (Side note: become a triathlete, and you too will see more 4AM mornings in a single season than you ever had in your entire life up until that point. Even as a sysadmin. Scary thought!) […]

Pursuing triathlete-hood has been an interesting experience. Actually it’s shocking to me how much I have gotten into it. I’ve always had a thing for falling head over heels in love with hobbies, but always before the hobbies have not asked very much of me in return. I mean, let’s be realistic — knitting lace […]

I swam competitively in high school, all four years. I competed in many races, in many meets, but oddly, I only remember one time. 8:30.69. I remember working really hard to cut that time down to about 7:00, and I think I might have broken 7:00 once or twice — which isn’t actually that impressive […]

I have a bike! It is a wonderful bike that I like to ride! :) But it is winter, and cold, and snowy, and icy. And I like to not fall into snowdrifts or get hit by cars and die, so I don’t ride my bike outside in winter. :( But I found a nice […]