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So I’ve been working on my ethics debate paper, and I was thinking I’d kind of like to use a parable in telling part of the story. So I went off and started looking up parables about short-sightedness. First, I found Luke 19:11-27, which I shall paraphrase for you: So this guy, this nobleman, wants […]

Mommy, why is the scary lady in the ad staring at me like she wants to eat my brains? MAKE HER STOP!

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9. I hate them. I hate how they slide down your nose in the summer. I hate how they fog up in winter. I hate how you don’t have peripheral vision. I hate pretty much everything about wearing glasses. That’s why, in 1991 I finally got contacts — […]

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In February 2004, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom told the city-county clerk to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. I was using LiveJournal at the time, and someone on my friends list there pointed out a place where you could order up flowers to be sent to a couple waiting in line to be […]