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dear baby boomer feminist clinton supporters: Cynthia Ruccia, 55, a sales director for Mary Kay cosmetics in Columbus, Ohio, is organizing a group, Clinton Supporters Count Too, of mostly women in swing states who plan to campaign against Mr. Obama in November. “We, the most loyal constituency, are being told to sit down, shut up […]


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Dear Gary, Indiana: Man, I’d like to buy you all a drink. 95% voter turnout? THAT SHIT IS BAD. ASS. Also, way to pull out the last-minute edge-of-our-seat electoral excitement. :) love, –sabrina

a standard plea, one of a thousand, sent at a cranky moment in niqui’s life: From: Howard Dean Subject: Now more than ever Dear sabrina, Our nominee can’t build an organization to take on John McCain yet, but we canJohn McCain is raising money and campaigning across the country — he’s looking at the White […]

i’m not certain what the deal is with all the republican furor over mccain potentially being the nominee. didn’t people used to like him? i mean, wasn’t the ‘maverick’ thing formerly cool? and, c’moonnnnn…. you can’t seriously be all that rah-rah mitt freaking romney. if you took away his max factor pancake makeup, the man […]

dear ralph nader

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sit down and shut the fuck up. sincerely, –sabrina.