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would it be petty to, on this, the eve of my getting the hell away from her, write a letter to the subwoofer neighbor that just says “I FUCKING HATE YOUR FUCKING SUBWOOFER (AND OH BY THE WAY YOU MOSTLY HAVE SHIT TASTE IN MUSIC)”? for pity’s sakes, she’s playing enya and rattling my walls […]

music indulged in (thus far) to keep spirits up whilst cleaning, painting, and packing: !!!, louden up now bloc party, bloc party ep and silent alarm the bravery, the bravery broken social scene, broken social scene and feel good lost deee-lite, infinity within, sampladelic relics and world clique the go! team, thunder, lightning, strike kaiser […]

upon reflection—

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the rules of moving, in excerpt: throw it away. if you can’t bear to throw it out, you have to wash it before you pack it. if you don’t want to wash it, throw it away. if you really don’t want to replace it, you still have to wash it before you pack it. surprisingly, […]

my life: in boxes

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My tiny little studio apartment is a DISASTER. Seriously, i’m going to kill myself accidentally walking into shit.

who wants to see niqui’s new digs? clicky the linky!