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so i started out with your average, ordinary, inoffensive, boring old white-painted apartment. case in point, the kitchen:

Back of kitchen before

Kitchen before

then there’s the living room, which has, basically, electrical outlets to provide visual interest:

Living room before

after saturday and sunday, we had accomplished main wall colors in the living room, office, and kitchen:

Looking through the kitchen at the living room and office

yesterday, m. and i worked on transforming the bathroom to, yes, the Pinkest Bathroom Ever. EVAH. before:

Bathroom before

and after:

Bathroom - walls done

and we also worked on the bedroom, which is now a very soothing blue which does not, no matter what cracks m. made, resemble sun purple. dammit.


Bedroom before

aaaaand after:

Bedroom - walls done

and finally, tonight i worked on finishing up the trim in the office, which means it is FI-HIIIN-ISHED, baby! from zero:

Office before

to hero! (oh, don’t mind the masking tape…)


and now, i am done painting until this weekend. because four days in a row is enough!