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a good omen?

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Three weeks after I move to the neighborhood, the girl at Dunkin’ Donuts knows what coffee I want on my way to work.. Awesome.

I’m in my happy place.


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Am starting to feel like getting myself a sign and joining the rallies just to piss off the people sending me anti-immigration political emails about the evils of people who fail to speak English and who take jobs away from citizens (who are all lining up to pick strawberries, i’m sure).

Next to a mere ‘Drug Box,’ labeled further with ’10 cc syringe #1,’ ‘5 cc syringe #1,’ ‘3 cc syringe #1,’ ’18 g needle #5,’ and ’21 g needle #5.’ I don’t know how large a 21 gauge needle is, but i’m pretty certain nonetheless that I prefer it in a box than in my […]