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Dear CTA

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I hate you and your mythical number two bus that never fails to lure me in with its convenient route-having ways and then completely fuck me over by FAILING TO SHOW UP.


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Was not feeling entirely sanguine about the site of the recently deceased freaky mutant shark tooth, so went back in for a checkup. Arrived at 1340. Got called back at 1640. Pronounced healthy and on a #9 bus at 1652. So glad I had nothing to do at work today–I really think they should have […]

my deja vu deja vu

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Taking the green line, transfering to blue at clark/lake–it felt so odd; I realized I hadn’t taken that particular escalator route since, at least, it’s gotta be 1996, commuting to InterAccess via blue to green.. and it’s precisely the same, except for the ipod ads. odd. also odd that my own obligatory ipod chose that […]

insult to injury

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$50 ticket on top of the $160 towing fee. Good thing I didn’t spend money on those cute shoes yesterday, after all.

this sucks

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Apparently I parked in a tow zone at the vet this morning. Tiger is not very happy about this situation. Neither am i: MY COFFEE AND BREAKFAST WERE IN THERE, YOU BASTARDS!