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Additives (3)
Ingredients which are added to soap and toiletries to enhance them, such as clays, exfoliants, and salts.
Auctions (1)
Auction or other non-traditional sales sites for soap and toiletry products
Australia-NZ (4)
Soapmaking suppliers located in Australia or New Zealand
Bases (22)
Vendors who sell base items to which you add fragrance, color, or otherwise modify, before reselling
Canada (0)
Soapmaking suppliers who are located in Canada
Candlemaking (9)
Suppliers who sell waxes, candle molds, wicking, and so forth
Colorants (5)
Vendors who sell colorants, pigments, dyes, and mica
Cooperative (0)
Outlets where you can participate in cooperative purchases, quick-buys, and so on.
Essential Oils (8)
Vendors who sell essential oils
Fixed Oils (10)
Suppliers who sell fixed oils used as base ingredients for soap (palm, olive, etc.)
Flavoring (0)
Suppliers who sell flavor oils for use in lip balms and edible products
Fragrance Oils (13)
Suppliers who sell fragrance oils
Herbs (2)
Suppliers who sell herbs and botanical products
International (1)
Soapmaking suppliers located in South America, Asia, or Africa...or Antarctica :)
Melt and Pour (7)
Suppliers who sell soap base and products designed for use with M&P
Misc (6)
Supplies which don't fit into other categories. ;)
Molds (10)
Suppliers who sell molds designed for soapmaking
Packaging (7)
Suppliers who sell bags, boxes, baskets, etc.
Tools (2)
Tools which are used in making soap and toiletries, such as scales, stirring equipment, pails, and so forth
UK-Europe (0)
Soapmaking suppliers in Europe and the UK

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