Melt and Pour Soapmaking

It's hard not to love melt and pour soapmaking. It's amazingly easy, fun to do, fabulously creative, and even kids can do it because there's no lye so there are no hazardous materials issues.

The theory behind melt and pour soap, called M&P or MP for short, is that manufacturers make the soap for you, and then they ship it to you in the form of "M&P base," which is a plain, uncolored, unscented soap. You can then melt down the soap and add colors, glitter, mica, fragrance, pour it into molds, and as soon as it cools, it's ready for you to pop it out of the molds and use it.

While I'm a sort of M&P klutz (I'm the only person I know who managed to melt Milky Way molds with over-hot base!), there are many folks who know a vast amount about M&P soapmaking. Here are a couple of my favorite M&P sites.