A Soapmaker's Kitchen

For the very first batch of soap I ever made, I had:

Consumables Implements
Red Devil brand Lye
Distilled Water
Stainless steel 12 qt. broth pot
Stainless steel 6 qt. mixing bowl
Wooden Spoons
Vinyl Gutter to use for a mold
Rubber Spatula
Protective Eye Goggles
Canvas Apron
Plastic 3 liter Rubbermaid pitcher for lye-water mixing

So you can see, it doesn't take very much to get started. Now, of course, I have reverted to my regular pack-rat modus operandi, and if I had to list everything I own for soapmaking I'm afraid it would take pages and pages and you'd get very bored and send me hate mail. :) So let me see if I can distill it down a bit.

Consumables Implements
Olive Oil (Pomace)
Palm Oil
Coconut Oil (76-degree)
Sweet Almond Oil
Cocoa Butter
Soybean Oil (Crisco)
Castor Oil
Jojoba oil
Avocado oil
Apricot Kernel oil
Various essential oils
Various fragrance oils
Various dried and powdered herbs
Sodium Hydroxide
Distilled water
Powdered and canned goats milk
Clear Melt & Pour soap base
Colorings for M&P
Mica!! Lots and lots of mica
Powdered loofah
Stainless Steel mixing bowls (several)
Wooden Spoons
Stainless steel 12 qt broth pot
Glass measuring cups in several sizes
Plastic Ladle
Rubber Spatula
Palm Kernel oil
Monoi oil
Large rubbermaid storage bins
Small and medium sized kitchen storage containers
Stick Blender
Funnels in assorted sizes
Protective eye goggles
Canvas apron
Rubber gloves
Digital diet scale
Small plastic bowls for holding ingredients
Stainless steel thermometer
Glass pyrex dishes for molds
PVC tubing for molds
Vinyl guttering for molds
Plexiglas molds
Small cookie cutters for designs