the scale actually went up half a pound from yesterday, this morning. *shakes fist at it* yes, yes, i know you’re not supposed to weigh yourself daily, but you see, i’m a terrible creature of habit and if i don’t do it daily, i forget for weeks at a time. it’s because i want to weigh myself before i have any food or drink in the morning, and if i get up and have a glass of water before i remember, then i’m screwed. so. daily. yeah. but only weekly counts towards progress, so technically i’m not up anything, see. ;)

calculating my bmi: 36.6. this is dolefully told me as “clinically obese with high health risk.” yes, once more i find reason to disagree with blanket weight statements. is my weight putting extra work on my heart, lungs, etc.? yes, of course. am i an utter couch potato who can’t walk two blocks without gasping for air? uh, no. i’ll grant you i’ve been slacking for the past couple of months, haven’t ridden my bike to work in at least that long, but i am /not/ completely sedentary. my blood pressure is utterly normal. my doctor does not lecture me, presumably because he doesn’t find much reason to do so. i often walk places, which is a really nice thing about living downtown — if i want to go shopping, i can just walk to wherever i want to go. (well, unless i have to go to target. and even that will be resolved in october!) i don’t sit around eating entire bags of potato chips and staring at the wall. so why do you jerks continually insist that i must be?

i wish that weight-loss people would quit dictating with such an obnoxious air of superiority that fat == unhealthy, sedentary slob. some of us are just blessed with slow metabolisms, okay? now shut up already.