so here’s a mystery: how come there’s apparently no information on the web about the Chicago main U.S. Post Office?

i was talking with blair on irc about construction and happened to mention that my favorite ikea-in-chicago plan i’d heard bandied about only to be dropped was the idea of installing them in the old post office. to which blair responded with “old post office?”

baffled by this and unable to think that blair (who had just trumped my own knowledge of the road construction at roosevelt and clark, which is in the neighborhood where i live and which he lives far from) didn’t know about the old post office/new post office, i started googling. first i tried ‘chicago post office,’ then ‘chicago new post office,’ then all kinds of other things. eventually i was searching on specific years and things, and really, nothing more helpful turned up than a report from the GAO on why the post office construction project overran its budget badly (hint: it’s hard to build buildings over the top of active railroad lines. and you really ought to know how large of a building your project requires before you start.).

so now i’m on a mission to find some sort of information on it, just to prove that there must be some, somewhere.

honestly, it’s the post office! and it was a big mess! and the old one looks way cooler than the old one! these are all fine reasons for there to be lots of sites about it on the web. so where are they all hiding?