quote of the weekend:

“sooo, what brings you, a female, to linux fest?” (sadly, no: emphasis not added.) … there really is no **SIGH** loud enough, some days. did like the guys at the check in desk being mildly flirty though. that part was good. then it was off to spend the rest of the weekend with Kim and family (and animals)… which was just sort of chilling out, relaxing (playing some b-ball outside of the school), followed by a nice, orderly 5.75 hour drive back to chicago. (i had a joke about that but upon transcribing it, it no longer seemed to mathematically make sense. lesson: do not try to do math, niqui, while tired from roadtripping.) anyways. time for bed now. 0600 shift tomorrow! aaaaaand i get to take the pager home with me! HOORAY!!!