oh, puhlease.

— In a message to chicagocriticalmass@yahoogroups.com, VH wrote: Regardless of acedemic research I know that there is a direct sexual relationship for guys who drive stick shift. It’s like that stick becomes “the stick” which connects them to the whole car making them feel “bigger”. Just go to any mall where teenagers hang out and look at the way they handle thier cars. It’s COMPLETELY sexual! Or when they rev thier engines. To me that seems mastabutory. Getting off with no direct effect except for your own enjoyment or show off your power/prowess.

gotta say, i love that. well, regardless of “acedemic [sic] research,” i know that there is a direct sexual relationship for anyone who ever ate a banana.

also? for teenagers, looking at linoleum is sexual. and furthermore, as for the idea that doing something that results in nothing productive other than your own personal enjoyment is (necessarily sexual|certainly frowned upon) — sorry, i missed the memo where we all became ascetic. mmmm, bananas.