so yesterday i submitted two online payments to my citibank mastercard for the last $2202.10 of my credit card debt. it’s, like, paid off now, and shit. and then i did my 2008 budget and flung some at Médecins Sans Frontières, because i am a wild woman and you cannot stop the crazy when i get my party on.

and then i spent my christmas gift from my dad (cash) on a shiny new set of knitting needles i’ve been dying to get my paws on for months, but could never justify actually buying, what with the trying to pay off my credit card debt and all. i can’t wait for them to arrive! i’m so excited, i’m going to use them to knit Donna (which i already cast on and knit about 1 inch of, but then decided i didn’t want to knit it on straights and would prefer to knit it in the round as much as i can, and so i chose to splurge on the Options rather than buying another ordinary circ).

take that, looming recession! (and someone just shoot me in the head if i get in credit card debt again, please.)