man, so much to do, so little frigging time to do it in. madness, lately. stay tuned for updates hopefully soon.

in other news: man oh man do i look forward to when “payday” doesn’t also mean ‘”pay all your bills and leave yourself with a couple hundred bucks for groceries and stuff for the next two weeks” day.’ i mean, i’m certainly making progress on a couple of financial fronts — paying down the credit cards and, oh, bliss of blissful, blissful bliss, finally almost free of JP Morgan Chase, the baboons who can’t even manage to replace debit cards without six hours of telephone time — but still, y’know… one of these days i’m going to get a paycheck and i’m just going to let it sit in my checking account and rot, so i never again have a week when my bank’s automated system calls me daily to remind me my balance has fallen below a certain threshold. that’s my goal. it’s gonna be great.