every time i read something about joe crede’s back surgery, it squicks me out just a little more. first they were all, oh, pinched nerve. then they were like, liquid pressing on nerve, suck it out with a syringe. this last thing i read was about something called a microdiscectomy, wherein they remove part of a herniated disc through a very small incision. so now if i’m feeling kinda squicked about it all, i wonder what he makes of it! i hope it does work, he obviously was in pain and that must have sucked a very great deal for him. he’s one of my favorite players and so i’d like him to be not so much hurting constantly. so, i hope this works and he feels better soon. he can come back next year and rock third base and we’ll be glad to have him (no matter what implications this or anything else has for his future with the Sox beyond then).

feel better, joe!

i wonder how pablo ozuna is doing. i was sorry to see him go down; it looked terribly painful. and i’m also kind of sad about jerry owens getting hurt the other day, too; i hope he’s feeling less hamstring-destructiony now. i kinda like him. this year must be a good year to be a sox trainer; they must have been so bored with nobody injured last year, but now they have all kinds of guys to work with!

oh, and john and i nicknamed Bukvich “BK” or “Burger King” (or occasionally “Whopper Jr.”) because we could never remember his full name, all we could remember was that it started with a B and had a K in it. so, do with that knowledge what thou shalt.

in other news, i’m feeling a little better now that i’ve given up hope on the sox winning anything approaching 90 games. i would like them to win at least one home game i get to go see; my record so far is 0-4, which sucks. coming up later this month i have tickets to see them play the marlins and the cubs. i am prepared to convert to any religion which offers me a guarantee that we will beat the cubs that day. i just really don’t want to put up with half a stadium full of squealing, drunk cubs fans chortling about how badly the sox are doing this season. at least when we mock them, it’s because the cubs are always bad…