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Multimedia message Originally uploaded by sldownard. One of our pigeons laid an egg on the windowsill outside our office. I wish it wasn’t quite so close to the edge…


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Wtf? Originally uploaded by sldownard. Inside the towel-dispenser in the second-floor ladies in the Truman College tech building — where most towel dispensers would have a trash bin — there is a small, shallow tray with this green-dyed sawdust stuff. I cannot figure out what on earth it would be there for. Even if it […]


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Error! Originally uploaded by sldownard. The microwave is angry.

a beauty must-have!

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“Redeems you in his eyes and takes the edge off sinning.” dude. I WANT ONE! (even if i do have the daleks from the new series shrieking “BLAS-PHE-MY! BLAS-PHE-MY!” in my head, now. i’m still flat on my ass with laughter. i am so going to hell.)

creative genius

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‘And what makes your bank different from the rest, Mr Marketing Executive?’ ‘Why, we’re financial, of course, Mr Advertising Executive!’ ‘BRILLIANT!’