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Gorgeous night, cheap seats, and goddamn if I don’t just love this city to bits.


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Am starting to feel like getting myself a sign and joining the rallies just to piss off the people sending me anti-immigration political emails about the evils of people who fail to speak English and who take jobs away from citizens (who are all lining up to pick strawberries, i’m sure).

creative genius

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‘And what makes your bank different from the rest, Mr Marketing Executive?’ ‘Why, we’re financial, of course, Mr Advertising Executive!’ ‘BRILLIANT!’


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who turned on the humidifier in the big blue room? welcome to summer. spring sure was nice, earlier this week.

as part of the never-ending schedule of chores that i must do as part and parcel of moving to a new apartment in a new neighborhood, i made the acquaintance of my new aldermanic offices today. telephonically-speaking, that is. of course the city of chicago’s aldermanic maps (PDF, naturally!) are such crap — and not […]