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What’s more awesome than a successful impromptu shoe shopping expedition on the way home from work? $14.72 including tax, that’s what! (now, no one snicker when I fall over trying to walk in four-inch heels, ‘kay?)

If thy fire alarm doth offend thee…

Homeward bound

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Only two teeth pulled. Easiest (not bad at all) and hardest (fucking terrifying and painful despite loads of novocaine). Lots of pain. Also, look like a very angry chipmunk. Deeply, deeply unhappy at the moment.


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Got here an hour before my appointment. Turns out they close up for lunch so I even got kicked out of the nice surgery waiting area which at least has daytime television to confuse me with storylines I don’t know. At least I have my trusty ipod and two paperbacks, though if I face a […]

Gorgeous night, cheap seats, and goddamn if I don’t just love this city to bits.