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i don’t have any snooty audiophile reasons for listening to records. and i don’t really have any aspirations to become a deejay or anything like that. i don’t care about that junk, by and large. i just happen to like records. my undying thanks are due to the pretentious indie fuckers for helping keep LPs […]

he’s a longhaired silver tabby/maine coon. ’nuff said. he squeaks when he’s dreaming. he’s not fat, he’s big-boned! (really. he’s a huge cat.) his paws are ticklish, and he glares at you if you even look like you’re going to tickle his back paws. he always knows to come sit on my lap and purr […]

favorite vegetables

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1. edamame. 2. broccoli. 3. bicolor sweet corn.

all time favorite albums

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in no particular order, and certainly subject to addition: sea change, beck quadrophenia, the who wish you were here, pink floyd synchronicity, the police let it bleed, the rolling stones ok computer, radiohead american beauty, the grateful dead