holy cow.
* niqui has had her window open and noticed a large number of helicopters flying around, and then noticed (when the helicopters shut up for a minute) a large number of emergency vehicle sirens, and finally resorted to the intarweb after too long for it to just be a car accident on lsd or something, and apparently the lasalle bank building is on fire
oh my.
apparently there are people trapped inside
* niqui fights the gorey urge to walk down and see wtf is going on
* niqui likes fire best when it isn’t killing janitorial staff. killing computers is okay though.
* niqui turns on the teevee.
oh, man. that looks bad. big fire. FIRE.
* niqui hopes they get the people out.
teevee says they got the people out.
yay teevee!
it looks like it might be actually contained to one floor (now?) though, but it’s definitely FIRE.

now teevee is saying there are still people inside. eek.