back to the same bar for shooting pool with r., fearing the hipsters. no hipsters! hooray! also, Crazy Drunken Man was there (for the first time since his ignomious visit wherein he inquired as to my schmuckitude, according to the kindly bartender, and apparently also he requested this time that he should be cut off before he attains that same level of drunkenness), but he did not interact with r. and me. so, yay that. also, jason the really good pool player was there, and instilled a little humility in r.’s soul. which she probably deserved (says i, who won nary a game this evening — boo!).

also, continuance of my streak of having good luck drinking with strange gentlemen named pete. and then, pancakes. all in all, a good day out. even if i did spend forty bucks at ikea.