• New experience: picking (unused) chewing gum out of the washer and dryer from pack left in pocket, and washing the dryer. Avoid if possible. #
  • But really, I do feel justified in saying that seven inches is a measurement more suited for snow than rain. I mean, dudes, *seven inches.* #
  • Apparently we got 7" of rain last night. (I almost wrote "of *snow*," eek.) The things I don't notice by not having a basement… #
  • Yeah, no, camera definitely out to lunch. Shit, and I gave away my old one when I got this one, too. Argh. #
  • For some reason, I thought The House on the Rock was v. far away in Minnesota somewhere. It's only like 3.5 hours away in WI! Wanna go! #
  • Woohoo! Percussive maintenance applied – camera now turns on again. And you all thought you were safe from yarn pics – hah! #
  • Ugh. Now my digital camera is acting wonky. 2010 continues apace. #

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