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teeheehee. My grandma confesses to switching to watching Sox games when the Cubs get "disgusting." She's a sensible lady! # Powered by Twitter Tools

If you love me, help me stuff the ballot box for Uff-Da and Coffee Stout. :) <3 # Haha. Uptown residents throwing a party tonight to celebrate Schiller retiring from aldermanic incompetence. Nice. # The only time I've actually been hit by a car was by a taxi reversing down a one-way street: didn't […]

Ok! I am off to the Sox game. Think I'll take Multnomah with — electric blue mohair, sitting in full sun, what could go wrong? # How much do I love that the Hyperbole and a Half strip ("Clean ALL the things?") keeps getting referenced by folks on my twitter feed? <3 # Powered by […]

I mean, surely that has as much chance as my Cook County President platform, which is simply, "I Am Not Todd Stroger Jr." # I wonder if I could get elected mayor on a "I promise to do everything I can to find a way to weasel out of the parking meter sale" ticket. # […]

Grump. # I have the music from the mall car chase in the Blues Brothers stuck in my head. # Also, a real "convenience" charge would pay for me to have a chance to kneecap a ticketmaster executive. I'd find that very convenient. # Ticket price: $9.50. Ticketmaster facility charge: $2.50. Ticketmaster convenience charge: $4.35. […]