• On the bright side? Upstairs Neighbor hasn't THUMPY! THUMPY! THUMPY!ied in an hour. Please let all her furniture be assembled now! #
  • Watching lightning over the west side. No thunder though, I think it's just sort of a sad little storm. The Little Storm that Couldn't. #
  • In fact, the only thing that would make this whisky better would be if it would make it less sucktacular to use Blackboard. #
  • Mmm. This Malt Trust bottling of MacAllan 17 is yummy. #
  • It's really noteworthy that after 2+ yrs of literally *no* noise from *any* other apt, I can listen to Upstairs Neighbor stomp each step. #
  • Oh my God, Upstairs Neighbor! Seriously, can't I get one frigging day with no THUMPY THUMPY? Did you buy an entire Ikea to assemble? #
  • Hmmm. The weather is pretty much perfectly summertime out there right now. 81°, not too muggy, not too bright, not too windy… just right. #
  • Dilemma. Buy $40 poster I really like and let it sit until I can buy a £10 frame locally, or skip bc A1 frame too difficult to find in US? #
  • If people start importing vuvuzelas to baseball games… this will end badly. http://is.gd/cXFCB #

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