• @StevenGlassman Well, hello, there, Captain Random. :) in reply to StevenGlassman #
  • Finished my banana fiber beret today on transit. Honestly, have to say: did not love the yarn. Glad I used all & don’t have to use again. #
  • Find myself tempted to tote skates along to speed reading class so I can sneak in some skating on my way home. Not obsessed! Focused! #
  • Hmm. Not at all motivated to do much of all today. Sadly, have errands and speed-reading class ahead. Boo. #
  • Reposted Louet ad on craigslist. So far no pings have worked out. Hey, it’s DIY Trunksale day, maybe someone will get a whim? #
  • @sanityknit Oh! And, of course, if you haven’t watched it – Little Britain is on Netflix, that’s a must-see. in reply to sanityknit #
  • @sanityknit It is really good! Flash and fun. Bit nerve-wracking from time to time though. Suppose that means it’s convincing! in reply to sanityknit #
  • No idea why Salvation Army is sending me pleas. Have to write them a letter saying no money unless they stop being jagoffs re: LGBT. #
  • @YarnHarlot Nah, sometimes they delay the really early ones. Once had a 6AM flight cncelld, was put on a 11AM. 5 extra hours at O’Hare. Joy. in reply to YarnHarlot #

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