* niqui has been trying to convince herself to brave the grocery store for hours now. fail.
<niqui> so far distracting myself with the intarwebs has been unsuccessful in pushing me out the door, too.
<niqui> on the bright side, i do have a dishwasher full of dirty dishes and no detergent to put in it, so chances are good that i'll eventually find enough courage to go to jewel.
<twork> or to hand-wash a cereal bowl and a spoon.
<niqui> no, it's a whole dishwasher-full of stuff. there's at least like six spoons in there.
<niqui> i mean, that's serious business.
<twork> yes but to get through today do you really need all of it?
<niqui> twork, the devil on my shoulder is in the shape of you, i want you to know.
* twork beams