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This creepy dog-faced singing man is creepy, and creeps me out with his creepiness. # Warning: contains lots of extremely embittered swearing. Thus, likely written by a HS English teacher. # Called to volunteer for K'zoo burst oil pipeline cleanup. I am on a list! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Totally yummy veg dinner tonight, yet am still not convinced about swiss chard. I like easier vegetables, like baby carrots. # Hm. Hungry. Too hot to cook, but already had hummos & eggplant dip on pita for lunch. Need more cold food options. # Not to give you the impression that I am *not* a […]

Many bunnies in the park in the early morning. Hooray for bunnies! # Got up at 4:30, rode my bike to the lakefront to watch the sunrise this morning. # Powered by Twitter Tools

It's been a long time since I've walked out of a movie and wanted to walk right back in and watch it again. # Inception. ZOMG. # I need to fake tan the hell out of my upper arms; the trucker tan stops being funny at cap sleeves. # Waiting for @aseretsi to get […]

New experience: picking (unused) chewing gum out of the washer and dryer from pack left in pocket, and washing the dryer. Avoid if possible. # But really, I do feel justified in saying that seven inches is a measurement more suited for snow than rain. I mean, dudes, *seven inches.* # Apparently we got 7" […]