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nothing i can do can make the pink line funnier, so i shan’t try.


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Snow Advisory canceled… i am thoroughly unimpressed with the performance of the national weather service today.

note to self: forget that the dan ryan ever existed, until 2008 or so. straight from the horse’s mouth: “Drivers of passenger vehicles should avoid the Dan Ryan entirely,” said IDOT Secretary Tim Martin. While many motorists will use public transportation or IDOT-designated alternate routes, truckers will be urged to stay on the expressway because […]

i hate you, physics

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the rumor is that today’s high winds, which are gusting very high, are at the cause of problems with one com ed power station, thus causing my problems. that means that this crap is likely to continue on. crap.

the parking spot custom

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okay, the situation is this: chicago’s a big town, with lots of people who drive cars or trucks. there’s a limited amount of street parking, which is further complicated by [residential parking] zones, meters, and so forth. and, we happen to get some amount of snow every winter, which leads to further loss of parking […]