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so, watched the NH debates last night, natch. (OT: “1 Night 2 Parties” thing, too close to “2 Girls 1 Cup.” more internet-savvy proofreaders for you guys, ABC!) tuned in a bit late to watch all of the republican debate, but got in most of it. damn, everybody is on the “smack down romney” train […]

in response to a copy of this email which i received this evening, i finally had enough of the forwarded, no research, slanderous, nasty and small-minded political crap (think: HILLARY IS GOING TO MAKE US ALL LESBIAN COMMIES!!!!!!!) that my family sees fit to fling at me. it’s rare for me to fling back Christian […]

i really liked bill richardson’s campaign Job Interview ads. i thought they were cute and informative, they kept my attention, and they were totally positive. they actually made me smile. seriously, how often do you see campaign ads that make you smile? just for that, he gets a nickel out of niqui’s campaign contribution jar.


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hrm. so far, i think bill richardson is only the second democratic candidate (potential candidate, actually) to favor one of my hot-button issues — after wesley clark — namely, getting rid of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military. also, i have to say, these ads are […]

i heard today that hillary clinton’s campaign is being chaired by terry mcauliffe. isn’t that basically like saying “I am only in this campaign at all because someone told me I had to; I really, really don’t want to actually win” without even opening your mouth?