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fat-free cheese of any sort, but especially cream cheese. in a similar vein, fat-free ranch dressing. watching reality television programming in which the point is to humiliate or make someone feel bad. burnt popcorn, and the smell thereof. being bored in any circumstance where i had an option to be otherwise. cranberry sauce from a […]

telephone wires carry low voltage. …until they ring. always trip the circuit breaker before you open up a wall mounting plate. it might be a harmless thing you are about to do … but you may also be a dumbass. when the manufacturer of a lighting fixture recommends a replacement halogen bulb of no more […]

play beer chess. have random gentlemen buy them for you in a foreign country, miss your train, and have them pour you onto the next train. play the [BUN PONY!] drinking game. drink pints with friends.

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songs i love because of some whimsical little lyrical tidbit that sticks out: The Magnetic Fields, “Reno Dakota”: “You know you enthrall me and yet you don’t call me / It’s making me blue / Pantone 292.” Cracker, “Guarded by Monkeys”: “I heard about you / I got your PGP key / I write you […]