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this one’s for rachel

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good niqui, bad niqui

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went by sandmeyer’s after work to see about purchasing a copy of the atkins diet book, since i seem to have lost my copy. good niqui passed up purchasing both The Soul of Capitalism: Opening Paths to a Moral Economy by William Greider, and American Sucker by David Denby, in favor of trying to get […]

jason bateman rocks

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pirate dan and i have decided that jason bateman rocks. as evidence, we present arrested development and dodgeball. as further evidence, i present starsky & hutch, but dan hasn’t seen that flick yet. though i intend to make him do so soon, because in addition to the talented mr. bateman, it has the deliciously sleazy […]

the west wing

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Russian #1: And the venue can be moved to Hall of Mirrors. Sam: Flags. Russian #1: Yes. But we need something from you. On his arrival, and during outdoor photograph opportunity, President Bartlett must wear overcoat. Sam: A coat? Russian #1: He must wear coat. He must wear gloves. Scarves and earmuffs permissible, but optional. […]

saw this banner ad while browsing a site i normally dislike (actually, still do; just was curious to see what they had to say about something i just discovered and like, to see if their reviews are still snotty and irritate me as always): i saw the “downward spiral, in stores now” bit as i […]