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i love chicago.

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i’m so happy that i live in printer’s row. i love downtown chicago during the day. i love it even more at night, when it’s deserted. when you’re out going down sodium-lit streets, and the only traffic is a few cabs or busses, walking on sidewalks still wet from having been washed of the day’s […]

This Is Grand

Comments off THISisGRAND is the original online journal chronicling the stories that take place on our city’s finest social institution, the CTA. don’t miss Let’s Take A Poll, by Cecelia Wong. and also don’t miss Antithesis by Kay Daly, because kay’s awesometacular and i really need to go hang out with her and eamon sometime soon.

The Post Office

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so here’s a mystery: how come there’s apparently no information on the web about the Chicago main U.S. Post Office? i was talking with blair on irc about construction and happened to mention that my favorite ikea-in-chicago plan i’d heard bandied about only to be dropped was the idea of installing them in the old […]