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i honestly am not sure why i’m bothering to write this up, apart from my clear tendency to enjoy ranting about people who i think are stupid. after all, it’s a bit on the “duh” side to point out that, omg, those crazy conservative christians don’t really care for the gay cowboy movie — but […]

the improbable sex bomb

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pirate dan was telling me the other day about a military proposal for a non-lethal weapon to be used against enemies: the sex bomb. apparently, the idea was that you would drop this bomb on your enemies and they would just go off and have sex with each other, thus making them all bitchy the […]

kiss my queer white ass

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from an aim conversation: OMFG… so i’m sitting here reading between comments… i dunno if you read a lot of blogs or not, but i like him a lot. anyways, he often posts excerpts from the emails he gets one of the ones he posted today… so hateful. this email … “I think [the […]

matthew shepard

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THE ULTIMATE SILENCE October 12, 1998 Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual. What will you do to end the silence? Click here to post this on your own page or weblog Judy Shepard speaks, regarding the six-year anniversary, on The Matthew Shepard Foundation: Think about what has changed – and […]

via andrewsullivan (yaaay, am so glad he’s back from vacation, i enjoy reading his blog so much), a bit of a heartwarming example of anti-gay hate at the RNC … okay, maybe a bit more than an bit; i hope you’ll excuse me: This escalating situation reminds me of a statement of a World War […]