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downloaded Help yesterday, another download-for-charity gig. though this one was priced outright, £3.50, rather than soliciting a donation on the honor system. it’s a fairly nice, laid-back album. i don’t think much of it is new, but a lot of it was new to me, so that’s all right. i quite like a few of […]

for piratedan, Stephen Hawking rocks the house on “Fitter Happier.”

MP3 is hard.

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The trouble with looking for alternatives to the iTunes Music Store — who I do love, but their selection is not always all I’d hope it could be — is that everyone else is unacceptable because they: …have a tacky web site, involving either ugly graphics or flash that crashes my browser, functionally disqualifying them; […]

follow the leader

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so i like to read it’s actually not all that much always about radiohead, unless the band are touring or releasing something, but the regulars often post commentary on other music they’ve listened to as well, so it’s interesting to see what they say. as an example, they’re the reason i started listening to […]