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now i have something new to count down to — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, 16 July 2005! too bad i’ll be too broke to be in the UK for the release of this one, like i was for OotP. :(

weird things can happen

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when fandoms collide. yay jonny in GoF!

a Telegraph writer catches a magic bus: There is a rumbling in the distance. Not the kind of chugging you associate with a No 9 sailing down a regular road but a quietly auspicious throbbing, and then there’s the sight of a moving tower in the distance, lights all blazing yellow through its mostly drawn […]

Harry and the Potters

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via piratedan, Harry and the Potters: The idea is that the Harry Potter from Year 7 and the Harry Potter from Year 4 started a rock band. And now, no one can stop the wizard rock.